Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busy but Still Blogging!

People keep asking me if I’m going to keep blogging now that our time in Cambodia is over. Well, if you look above, you’ll see that “Cambodia” is nowhere in my blog URL, my blog title, or my blog tagline or whatever they call that thing. I knew from the beginning that following God would be a lifelong adventure but living in Cambodia might not be.

So my answer is YES!  I will keep blogging, even if no one reads it, though by the number of people asking me if I’m going to keep writing about our crazy adventures, I have learned that there are a few people out there reading my words! Thanks to you all. I can assure you for now that life has been no less interesting in this first week and a half in the US than it was in Cambodia!

We started in Las Vegas, visiting family, then flew to Texas, where we are visiting with more family.  All of it has brought warm memories, lots of love, many hugs, great food, a few extra pounds on my belly, and a wonderful upcoming blog I will title “what I love about being ‘home.’” I promise I’ll get to that soon!

For now I just wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to. Besides visiting with so many people we love and missing so many more who we haven’t seen yet we’ve been quite busy.

The biggest thing got checked off the list yesterday. All our “stuff” came from US Army storage yesterday. It was stored in North Carolina for a year while we were away. They moved it to Texas for us and put it in storage again, because we had no idea what else to tell them to do with it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! We lived for a whole year on basically what fit into 8 suitcases. I mean we bought a couple cheap pots and pans when we got there and what not, but mostly it all fit in a few suitcases. And that counted a few outfits I never wore in that year and didn’t bring home with me.

This moving truck, though... it had 384 boxes of things.  Three hundred and eighty four little stickers to check off.  384!  All moved from one storage container to another.

So much excess.

I joked that maybe we should go there once a week and take out 10 things and just donate them or sell them and donate the money.  Yes, I was joking.  Sort of.  A little bit.  Right?

But really, do we need so much stuff?

I can’t wait for God to show us what is next for us. It might mean going back to Cambodia. It might mean a house  right here in Texas. It might mean any number of things in between the two (because the whole world is in between the two one way or the other!). One thing I know for sure, though:  we have too much stuff. Our lives will never look the same. I hope to never have 384 boxes of things again. My eyes have seen people who need my stuff – or the money that bought all that stuff – way more than I do.

How can we live with less so those in need can have more, or even just have enough?  What are your ideas?

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