Friday, August 31, 2012

What's Next?

It’s the most common question I get. Day after day, I hear it asked and day after day I answer that I don’t know. “Just waiting to see God’s will,” I say, or something like it. Well, after a couple months of praying, pondering, and hoping for a new adventure to emerge out of the unknown, we have an answer. 

And the second most popular question in my life these days is “Why haven’t you updated your blog?”.

So here goes the answer to both.

It’s been a long (but great) few months. We have been able to travel a bit, visit many friends and family members, and spend time together as a family.  It’s been a little hard at times, not having much time and space for just the 4 of us as everyone is so excited we are here that they always want to join in. But that’s been a great change in our lives, too. For our entire married life we have lived at least a plane ride away and having friends and family here to enjoy (and babysit!) has been refreshing and fun!

Which is why we are thankful our next adventure begins in Texas.  Home.  Or, rather, what used to be home. I’m not sure where I call home anymore. Most of my heart is still in Cambodia, and I don’t think that will ever change. But as a young Army wife staying with my husband at JAG school years ago, a General’s wife gave me the best advice about moving and the military that I’ve ever received.  She said “Wherever you are, make it home.” I’ve tried to do that with every move, whether I’ll be there for 4 months or 4 years. 

So “home” will be Sugar Land, TX.  Sounds sweet, huh?  Haha, that’s from my friend Mari. 

Stephen accepted a job at the Attorney General’s office in downtown Houston and we – this very weekend – will find ourselves in a rental home in that sweet suburb. Stephen has already started working in the consumer protection division in a supervisory role and is enjoying it very much.  I’d explain more what he does but I’m still trying to figure it all out.

As for me, well, I’ll be busy. I want to continue volunteering, homeschooling, and trying to do what I can to help victims of human trafficking by becoming voice for the voiceless. God has given me some visions of ways I can help and I plan to follow where He leads.  More on that to come. I plan to reopen my photography business, with a fresh new goal of serving others with the talents He’s given me. More on that to come, too.  I’m thrilled that I’m in a country where many speak the same language as me.  That was the hardest obstacle to overcome in Cambodia, and I never did overcome it. 

Over these past few months, I have learned ways we - as in YOU and me - can still serve others in need, like my friends in Cambodia, from right here in America.  More on that to come too.

This weekend is our big move and we will be busy loading, unloading, unpacking and arranging things. Things we haven’t seen in over 15 months. Even amidst the craziness, you’ll hear from me. I’m participating in a big blog project Monday, so stay tuned for that exciting update.

If you don’t see it, there’s a theme here... I plan to do more updating to this blog than I have done this summer. (That's not saying much, I know...sorry about these past months!)  I can’t wait to share with you what God has been showing me over this time. 

Thanks for your prayers as our family’s adventure continues!!