Thursday, May 3, 2012

Feeling Proud of My Kids

I had a proud momma moment this week. A few, actually.

I keep reflecting on all the things I have learned over our stay in Cambodia but I don’t often pause to reflect on what my little ones will take away from this adventure.

This week they have made me so proud.  They have selflessly given so much, and at age 3 and 5 (almost 6, he’d want me to tell you), they are wise beyond their little years. 

Let me explain:
As I’ve mentioned (quite a few times), we came with just suitcases. No moving package as so many of my expat friends with fancy jobs get when they come to Cambodia. That means we leave with just our luggage, too. Since we’ve picked up a few things along the way, we naturally can’t take back to America everything we brought from America. We had to start sorting a couple weeks ago.

The boys decided they wanted to give some clothes away a few weeks ago so we donated some of our not so awesome shirts and pants to the boys center we visit each week.  We gave some that were too small and some that were dirty or worn out, knowing that these kids who live on the street would appreciate them.

And they did. 

But that was just the beginning.

That was a few weeks ago. In the weeks since we have filled up bags and bags of new shirts and pants and shoes and... get ready for this.... really awesome, super cool, totally amazing TOYS. Some of them were even from Santa this past Christmas. 

You know, the Santa who has never visited those boys at the center in their whole lives. Not that they need him. Look what I caught them doing this week with Lincoln Logs.  It’s worth watching*!

*I am unable to show you their faces for security reasons, but I promise you they are smiling so big!

Anyway, my kids realized their needs. This week I heard my own precious little boys say things like:

“They have a pirate ship in the playroom at the center but no pirates so let’s give them all our pirates”
(ALL our pirates?)

“I have 5 superhero shirts and I don’t need that many, so let’s give 3 to the kids.  I hope my friend ___* gets one of them!”
*left out name for security, but seriously how proud was I from that?

“They like Ben 10 because sometimes they wear Ben 10 shirts so we can give our Ben 10 toys to them.  There aren’t Ben 10 toys in the playroom.”

And lots of “Sure, donate those” and “Yeah, definitely give that to them” when my husband and I asked about certain toys and clothes.

Yep, definitely some proud momma moments. 

It probably wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t invested our time into these boys at Hard Places. For me it confirmed that when you volunteer your time serving the poor, it is not just the poor who are rewarded.  We have learned and received much as well. Maybe that is why Jesus commands it? 

I know for me, it certainly gives me a glimpse of His love for us. It gives me a hint of how faith is made complete by our works. It makes me wonder if the Lord looks down on His people and has some proud moments when we serve others in the way I felt proud when my babies served those boys.

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