Monday, February 21, 2011

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Well, big news above in the title, huh? That's where we'll be moving in June of this year. For those who are totally lost and don't have a clue why we'd be moving there, you can check out the letter we sent out at Christmas time here.

But, just for an update, let me fill in the details about where! We are moving to the capital city of Cambodia, called Phnom Penh. I've known it was a possiblity for days and in that time I've devoured any reading about the country and its people that I can get my hands on. With that new knowledge I'm getting more excited every day about the place. Here are some fun facts I've learned about Cambodia and Pnomh Penh.

Here it is on the map

*It's very close to the equator, at just 11 degrees N.
*Weather is nice - ranges from 69-95 year round but with monsoons from March to October.
*It's 12 hours ahead of us (US Eastern) on the timeline.
*Phnom Penh is the capital city. That's where we would be, in a furnished apartment/condo in a neighborhood that houses many ex-patriots
*90% of the people are actively practicing Buddhism. Less than 0.5% are Christian.
*Christianity is quickly spreading and there are several protestant churches in the city.
*As a result of many years of war, over 50% of the population is under 22, with some sources claiming 45% are under 14.
*Tourism, Rice, and Textiles are their top 3 means of income in the country.
*With such a young population that is hungry both physically and spiritually, Christian aid groups are widely present in the area and working hard to change the future of the country.

Sounds great, huh? I know many of you can't fathom moving to another country for a year. There's so much to think about... what to take and what to leave, how to adapt to a place that speaks a foreign language, how to explain it to the kids, how to raise financial support, how to emotionally deal with such a huge change... and on and on...

But I know how you feel because I was there. I was totally worried about it and asked many questions myself. I prayed and God completely changed my heart. I'm so excited about this journey and I find myself getting more excited every day. That has to be His work. I couldn't do this on my own.

And you know what? It's a great adventure. Really, following God is fun!!! He's about to take my family to a place we've never been before and give us unique experiences we've never even dreamed of. And He's waited for eternity for ME to do THIS work He has prepared in Cambodia. How is that NOT exciting?!?!

What's your call? What adventure is waiting for you? And what are you waiting for? Let's go!

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  1. Wow! Kim that is awesome! I am going to add your blog to my blog list so I can keep up with you guys. And it is so true that once you say "yes" to God's plan that seems so scary - He gives you such an excitement and desire to see His plan be brought forth. There is no greater way to live than living a life that is bigger than yourself!!