Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rooftop Photo Shoot

Well, the photographer in me is missing my old clients with their cute kids and lovely little outfits and perfect (and not so perfect) poses. So, since I wanted to take a great pic of my kids for their Papa (my dad) for his birthday, I went ahead and kept snapping after we got the one I wanted. Some of them are super cute.

It was a rainy day and we didn't have the energy to scope out new photo spots that day, so we just ran up to the roof of our apartment building and made do with what we found - proof that a good photo isn't about the perfect background, because they turned out pretty sweet! Check them out here.

Oh, and the "We love you" was for my Dad officially, but we love YOU, too, of course! :)

Oh, and I have done a few volunteer photo jobs for some local NGO's - stuff I can't really post or anything but has been useful to them for sure. What are some other ways I can use photography to help Cambodia? Any ideas?


  1. Terrific photos! Yes, I do hope we can do some family portraits soon! I know the perfect backdrop - a tuk tuk!!

  2. they are so cute it is painful !!!!