Friday, September 20, 2013

News Out of Cambodia

I don’t get political.  Like, ever.

To be honest, I read most of my news through links posted on Facebook. 

I hate the news because it’s depressing and there isn't really ever anything I can DO about it.  Plus, my husband is really smart about these things and when I mention my opinion about something, anything, he points out 5,286 other facts and points of view I've never even thought about.  So I would rather just stay silent most of the time.

But I can’t be silent about what is happening in Cambodia. There is very little news here about the news there. It’s not fair that the world doesn't know. 

So, yeah, I don't get political. 

But I do get emotional.  Really emotional.

Let me see if I can explain what is happening in simple terms. If I can understand this, anyone can, right?  And I’m not taking a side because, well, I just really want it all to be fair and just, and I don’t know what that answer is.  I just want to share. 

First of all, we have to go back 40 years to an awful civil war there that, again, my generation didn't read much about in history class. The country took many years to recover from that and is finally free. Since that time, the people have only had 5 chances to vote. This past summer was the 5th.  With each election, the ruling party (the CPP) has held onto control but lost more and more seats to the opposition party (the CNRP). As they voted in late July, many Cambodians saw results being reported with the CNRP winning more and more seats in Parliament. They were hoping they would get the change they've wanted for decades. See, many see the current ruling power as corrupt and were looking forward to change.

In the days after the election, the ruling party reported that they held onto the control, and it seemed to be against what the voters were claiming. The people called it an unfair election and demanded a recount, saying the ruling party had either stolen or not counted over a million votes.

In the following months, leading up to now, the opposition party has been refused a recount and has been staging “peaceful demonstrations,” but in the past week, these have turned violent as police fired weapons at the peaceful protestors and protestors destroyed barricades set up by police. 

The next few weeks show no sign of resolution, and I honestly don’t know what is right and what is wrong.  

I’m just broken.

See, I left half of my heart in Cambodia.  Anyone who knows me knows that my heart is always there. Even with the recent events, I can’t help thinking I wish I were there. While I admit that I would likely be worried about my safety if we were there, there is currently no danger to the safety of me or my expat friends at this time

But the Cambodians...

The little boys and girls we played with each week at the center, they are on my heart.

These “demonstrations” are taking place where many of those kids live and work on the street. When I watch this video, (which is a great 3 minute summary of what’s happening) I can tell exactly where this is happening.

And I can see the faces of those sweet children.

I remember them.
I love them.
I pray for them.

Cambodia is a dark place. I experienced more spiritual warfare there than I even knew existed. God’s angels are there, but they are fighting a very real enemy. An enemy who spreads poverty and prevents education throughout the country. An enemy who convinces families that they must sell one child to feed the others. Or, sometimes, just to buy a new TV. Seriously.  There is darkness there that can’t be described to those who haven’t experienced it.

But, as I posted before, there IS a light in the darkness. The younger generation, especially, is rising up to fight the beliefs of their past and reach to the real God who can heal their land. 

Many of them are praying tonight, all night long, while it’s daytime here in the USA, and I ask you to stand in prayer with them.  Let’s pray for healing, for justice, for restoration for beautiful place.

**** Our God reigns!

May He reign in Cambodia, and may His beloved there know it and turn to Him and change the future of their "Kingdom of Wonder."

(Cambodian friends - please forgive any errors in my post, and feel free to point out any other news or update us on things in the comments section)