Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One of those days...

Ever had one of those days you wish you could do over?

We made it home from vacation.

But on the way our little one got a bad rash to go with that fever and cried like the last hour of the trip. You know how that goes. And since it's not our car and we aren't driving, there wasn't much we could do. Frustrating.

Not as frustrating as realizing that my wallet is no longer in my purse and was likely stolen, possibly (and quite probably) by our taxi driver. Not a lot of money inside, but cancelling the credit and debit card is a pain when we know they can't mail us a new one from the US. Oh, and when Stephen made a collect call to talk to them from his cell, it used all his minutes on his phone. A collect call. Annoying.

And then we ordered dinner to be delivered by a moto because we had no food in the house, and when it came, the hot dog we got the kids was actually hot wings (which were yummy for the grown ups) so they had nothing to eat. More frustration.

And then the whole apartment smelled when we came in because clothes had gotten left in the washer for days and a rotten potato had melted all over the counter. That one's just gross.

I'm glad that day is over.
At least I haven't gotten sick.

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

UPDATE:  I wrote the above on Tuesday and it didn't get published for some reason until today (Wednesday) but then today we went to the kid's club where we made lava lamps (thank you Pinterest!) and the kids there now officially think I'm one of the coolest people in Cambodia.  I don't care so much about being cool, but it brightened my day significantly when one asked me to say scientist over and over again in English then said "I be scientist like you." All of them now love science!  So yep, my "tomorrow" was significantly better.  Isn't it great how the little tiny things like that can make the big things seem so silly?

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