Friday, November 4, 2011


Our God is so big.  His Spirit is immeasurably vast and crosses all boundaries.  That is why I could feel His presence all around me back in my church in North Carolina the same way I feel His presence consuming me here in Cambodia.  Because He is here.  And He is there.  And His Spirit exists everywhere in this world He created.

Knowing that, I have to admit that there are days that I think it would be nice – really nice - for His angels to just descend from Heaven and lift up my family and carry us away from the sadness and darkness of this unknown place back to the place we still call “home.”

Like today.  Days like today when little things happen like losing my cell phone off a tuk tuk, surely to never be seen again.  Or other little things like my internet not working when I’m trying to talk to a good friend.  Or way bigger things like having to take my child to the doctor to figure out if this fever he’s been fighting for 5 days might be Dengue Fever or Typhoid or worse. 

And then I remember that going “home” would be too easy.  And for too many people, the home they love looks something like this.  

And yet they love it because they know nothing else.  They are happy.  And that makes me smile and want to be happy like them.  

And it makes me remember that God has been here infinitely longer than me. 

No need for angels to carry me anywhere. 

They carried me right here for a reason.

And I am grateful.

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