Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

It’s my baby’s 3rd birthday.  I love this kid.  

He’s my second born but my first big challenge in a lot of ways.  It all started the day he was born.  He was never really a teeny tiny little baby - check out that scale!  He started out bigger than most and in so many ways is still “bigger” than others his age.

Before other kids his same age could talk he was rattling off superhero names and secret identities.  That was the beginning of a love of a world I only thought I had learned much about since meeting my husband.  With two more little boys in the house, it’s all we ever talk about.  And oh, his face when he learns about a new superhero or villain is just priceless.  He absorbs every ounce of information he hears about the character and commits it to his memory forever to be recited again at any random moment.

I love this superhero.

Except when it gets him into trouble.  Like a couple weeks ago, I stepped away from the gas stove for like three hundredths of a second and I heard him say to his brother “If you touch that fire you will turn into Human Torch.” I’m sure you can guess how I reacted. Just another day in our house of little boys who’d try anything that might turn them into a superhero.  Well, try it on their brother, anyway.

He makes me laugh all the time.  He makes me laugh with the looks he can give.  And so often he gets his way because one of these looks shows me that it isn’t worth the fight.

He’s got his father’s litigator genes, too.  About 15 minutes ago I caught him eating Halloween candy, which he can’t do without permission.  His response:  “Mommy, I was just checking to see if it still tasted good because I had it for a lot of days now.  So I’m never gonna get in trouble for just checking things, right?”  Or when I tell him not to do something because he could fall (and I do this so many times a day) he responds “Well, I just did it and I didn’t fall then so you are wrong.”  Great. 

He doesn’t like to say he’s sorry.  My family says he gets that from me.  I’ll never apologize for that.  If I really am sorry, I say it.  So does he.  I love that about him, though I do force an “I’m sorry” out of him when he hurts someone or says something ugly.  I just know it’s probably not sincere.

He’s incredibly handsome.  And he’d be naked all the time if I’d let him.  We usually settle for half-dressed if we can, meaning either a shirt or pants.

And he likes choices.  In fact, if he didn’t finally decide that he wanted ice cream bad enough one night to use the potty, he’d still be in diapers.  I tried for months to potty train him but it was never a success until he made that choice himself.  And good news is he hasn’t gone back since! 

So, yes, there are challenges about this cutie pie.  Of course we don’t let him get away with all these things without consequences!  Sometimes we do have to close the door and laugh about him when he’s not looking though.  It's always been that way. 

He’s also one of the snuggliest kids I’ve ever known.  He loves hugs and gives great kisses!  He still likes to sit in my lap and randomly will just reach up and play with my hair and tell me I look beautiful.  One time I got all dressed up to go out and he said I looked like Sully from Monsters, Inc., but apparently that was a compliment, too.  He is very sweet and I've always loved his cudddles! 

 He can build things with play-doh I’d never think to try and while his brother can follow directions with Legos and make incredible toys, he prefers to just piece them together into his own designs and comes up with impressive cars, planes, and even whole cities.  His mind is quite creative!

He loves to “read” his books and has a huge imagination, though he has zero interest in what a letter is or what sound it makes.  He likes to draw pictures but sometimes changes his mind about what it is when he explains it from one person to the next.  He has very recently brought an imaginary friend into our lives who apparently looks just like him but has a mustache and is named Joshua.  We are all anxiously wondering what that will turn into. 

He’s truly brought a bright light to Cambodia.  The people here, adults and children alike, adore him.  They pinch his cheeks, grab him for a hug, and giggle when he folds his hands to bow in respect when he greets them with “Jiam Reap Souh.” He is truly a gift from God and we knew our family was blessed by him but are so thankful this little guy could bless so many others as well.  He’s turning 3 today.  Imagine all the people whose lives may be better because of this child in the coming years!  I pray it is so.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

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