Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bayon Temple

If you ask me which temple in Siem Reap was my favorite, my answer might vary depending on what photo I'm looking at or what mood I'm in.  See, they were all drastically different from each other, so it's kind of like comparing apples to oranges... or coconuts to rambutans if you will.  That sounds a bit more Cambodian!  Still, my favorite DAY might be the day we went to Bayon Temple.  And it may be my favorite temple, too.  Today that's my answer anyway!

We rode around it on top of an elephant.  It was so much fun!  And that platform on top was totally leaning before I got on it.  I promise I'm not heavier than my husband and son.  Seriously.  Oh, and here's my favorite picture... look at his face closely!  He was so scared!

It's my favorite photo because yes, he held on so tight his hands turned red and he was afraid the whole time but as soon as we got off he was asking if we could do it again.  So typical of a 5 year old!  Anyway, our elephant was named Sambo and was 45 years old.  We fed him (I think it was a him... didn't get a good look..) a couple bananas before we climbed on his back.  He gave us a good 20 minute ride or so around the temple before we climbed off to walk around inside.

This shows the temple is still an active religious center.  This reclining Buddha has flowers and incense around it that have recently been left by the local Cambodian people. 

Here are some of the carvings at Bayon:

 Aspara Dancers

Bayon is actually famous for the faces carved all over pretty much every surface of the temple.  The faces are all different with varied expressions and the kids enjoyed looking at them and trying to copy the expressions.

They enjoyed playing at the temples, too.  It was like a giant maze and they let you climb on anything.  I kept thinking that if there were anything this old in the USA, no one would be allowed to climb on the ruins for sure! The kids had a blast!

And here are some more of my favorite shots from the day:

Beautiful place.  Yep, it was my favorite.  I'm pretty sure of it. And even if I change my mind in my next post, I hope you enjoyed the beauty as much as I did!

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