Friday, July 8, 2011

This and That - 10 Random Thoughts

I haven't posted in a bit because I haven't had one big, cohesive thought in a while. But here's a few little random thoughts:

1 - White coffee is AHH-MAZING! It's this mix of espresso and condensed milk (and who knows what else but no sugar!) and it's changed my life. Oh, it's so good! You can order it at any cafe for just $1.50, or they have this instant variety at the grocery store that I tried today which I must admit was also very good. And I'm a bit of a coffee snob so I don't usually like instant anything! Stephen doesn't like that I drink coffee everyday. Well, he doesn't like that I'm addicted to a drug called caffeine, but oh, it's so good...

2 - I miss iced tea. They don't have it here and I don't know how to make it. When I get a mailing address I would request a million bags of iced tea. To satisfy my caffeine addiction of course.

3 - I'm tired of the baths. I was worried I'd never get a bath here - just take showers all the time, but it's quite the opposite. Here at the house we are staying in (just a few more days of house sitting!) there is just a tub with a shower handle. Problem is, the handle is too short to reach my hair when I stand up so I end up squatting on my knees trying to wash my hair. Annoying. And who wants to take a cold bath? And why would you take a hot one in this weather? Ever?

4 - My kids are scared of roaches. My kids. Yes. Them. I just jump and scream from the giant pests to fit in with them and make them feel better. We do this a few times a day. Its great. Sigh.

5 - Geckos are good. They kill mosquitos. They'd kill roaches, too, but the roaches are as big as they are! And a gecko on the ceiling over the bed in the shadow of a nightlight equals screaming children. Joy.

6 - The people here are easy to fall in love with. They smile even more than Texans do. And the ones who speak English are happy to try to talk to me. The ones that don't know English just talk anyway. I am so anxious to learn Khmer to talk with them. I love them. They kiss my children a lot. Weird at first but I love it now.

7 - Monsoons, which happen daily, are quite frustrating, but they only last a short while and leave the plants lush, green, and beautiful... and often filled with fresh fruit!

8 - I thought all the ex-pats I met here would be missionaries trying to reach the Khmer people. WRONG. I've met people from all over the world, but most are business executives wives and are absolutely not Christians. They work for tobacco companies, food companies, clothing companies, Coca-Cola, Banking and Investment firms, and other businesses who see that Phnom Penh is a growing economy. They have a lot more money than me and think it's strange we would come here for no salary. I am anxious to teach them about Jesus, too!

9 - We all had a bout of the stomach bug that hits when you travel. That was no fun. But we're all better now. Khmer food is really good. We aren't sure what made us sick as we all got it at different times.

10 - Still looking for an apartment. We need to spend more money than we were originally told, but God is good. He will provide. We have seen a very broad range of places to live. And here, everything is negotiable. EVERYthing. It's so crazy! When we do find a place I'll be sure to post photos. We're looking for a more Western type place to make the kids more at home (less bugs, too!). Say a prayer we find it soon.

And that's enough rambling for now. I will post more soon. I'm working on some ministry spotlights here AND a history of Cambodia that I promise you'll love. I just can't post it until I'm done.

Sending love to all!

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