Sunday, July 10, 2011

Many people, One voice

Imagine a large room full of people from nations all over the world. In so many scenarios it would be a recipe for disaster. I mean, I worked in academia, often with only 2-3 nations represented, and sometimes only 1 and oh, boy there are debates that will haunt my memory for a life time.

Well, today I sat in a room with people from 37 nations represented. THIRTY SEVEN. That’s a lot of places. A lot of cultures. A lot of languages. Without a doubt, a lot of opinions.

We could have argued.

We could have had a debate about which nation was the best, whose leader was the most influential, whose military was the most powerful, whose people were the best educated.
We could have argued about what kind of food was best.
We could even have had a discussion about which ministry in Phnom Penh was doing the most meaningful work.

We might have disagreed about our cultures,
Our languages,
Our families,
Our foods,
Our songs,
Our jobs,
Our children,

Even our denominations.

But there was one thing we all agreed on as we all sang out in one voice in church.

OUR GOD is greater
OUR GOD is stronger
OUR GOD is higher than any other
OUR GOD is healer
Awesome in power, OUR GOD.


ONE GOD. Many people. One God.

You know the song. It continues: “And if our God is for us, than who could ever stop us, and if our God is with us, then what can stand against us?”


It was so powerful. It was quite moving to think about people from 37 nations of this great earth made by our awesome God singing about nothing being able to stand against us. There is something about worshiping in a roomful of people from all over the world that I hope I never get used to. I hope it never becomes “normal.” I hope it remains an awesome, powerful, moving force and a constant reminder that if OUR GOD, our ONE God is for us, then who can EVER stop us?

Church was great today.

I hope yours was too.

PS - since I'm using his song, I should give Chris Tomlin some attention and credit here. I dont think he made this video but it's his song and voice and lyrics. And its a great video of the song with lyrics. Watch it and worship for a minute with us!

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  1. We sang Chris Tomlin's OUR GOD yesterday here in Williamsburg. It might not have been at the exact same hour as you, but we were worshipping the same amazing GOD...the same great GOD, the same strong GOD...the same AWESOME GOD. Love to your family from Virginia!!!