Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Day at the Market

Before we left NC, I read this book called "From Buddha to Jesus"... all about the natural open door that Buddhism has into Christianity with tips on how to witness to a Buddhist as a Christian. I'll put a book review of it on here sometime soon. It left me wanting to share and spread the Word. I have never been great at evangelism but this got me really excited! I couldn't wait to talk to a Buddhist in Cambodia! Well, what I didn't realize was that learning the language might have been more important than the religion. A lot more important. I mean, we can get by without speaking Khmer (pronounced ka-my) but I could never witness to the people without knowing a little. So, I've been practicing. And I'm getting better every day.

I figured the local market would be a great place to practice - even if about all I can say so far is "Hi, my name is Kim" and "How are you today?" and "Goodbye." Oh, and of course I can say "I am from America, where are you from?" but hardly ever understand the response! And I can say "thank you," but not "you're welcome." Good think is I need to say the former much more anyway!

Anyway, we went to the market today where I could practice a little and photograph a lot of exciting things! It was pretty incredible. You can really get ANYthing you are looking for there, I'm sure, but finding your way around could be tough. Good thing is that everything was in sections... material/textiles, clothing, jewelry, electronics, food, etc... So once we learn the sections we can find things more easily.

Here are some photos from the market:

Inside they had EVERYthing...
Nice fabrics


Toys that definitely captured the minds of my boys!

Home items - everything from paintings to pots and pans to trash bags!

And a HUGE electronics section
Yep, those are iPhones below. I might have to get one...

And then we found the food section:

Not sure if these are eels or snakes from their local river. Either way... EEEWWW~!

They are looking at a heart here, from what animal I'm not sure, but interesting lesson nonetheless! Maybe homeschooling won't be so difficult if we just schedule market runs often!

And then you can take the food over here and have it cooked for you, or you can order food prepared at these stations for lunch.

That's fried tarantula in the center - supposedly a special treat in Cambodia that we "have to try." We'll see... I don't HAVE TO do anything! :)
Oh, and lastly, Stephen wanted me to let you all know that in Asia EVERYthing transforms into a giant fighting robot... Even Thomas the Train!

Yes, so funny, right?
Well, I didn't buy much, but I got some fun snapshots (and that's all they are - not edited or anything) and got to practice my language, too. Maybe next time I can share Jesus with someone! Or the next time... For now I'll keep practicing Khmer!
Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did!

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