Saturday, February 19, 2011

Planning to Plan

What a day we had yesterday! I found out it was a holiday for my husband and that he'd be home so what did I do? Well, I planned every minute of it, of course! I was excited to check lots of stuff off the to-do list, such as getting my cell phone repaired, getting passport photos, getting the passports themselves, getting an oil change for the super cool mini-van we have, a quick shopping trip to Wal-Mart, mailing 86 packages for my photo business I run on the side ('cause I don't have enough to do!), and enjoying a nice lunch with the family! Sure, it's a long list, but it's doable right? Well, that's what I thought... until I remembered that these two little boys need naps, too. That kind of put a time limit on things.

Knowing that a time limit was in place, I needed a plan. I planned every minute of that morning and we got it all done! But I couldn't help but find myself chuckling to myself throughout the morning as I thought about how much planning I put into these errands... and how little everyone else realized it! Really, I mean, they just got up, got dressed, and got in the car. It's so easy and they have NO idea how much work I put into the day.

And it's always that way. So I couldn't help but laugh when Stephen said this morning (now the next day) that he wanted to take a few minutes and plan our trip to Disney World. HAHAHAHA! A few minutes!! If he only knew how much time it took for me to plan a simple morning of running errands...

And even though it will take much more than a few minutes to plan a trip to Disney World, we did take a few minutes to plan a time to plan the trip, so that's pretty good.

Oh, how different life will be after we move to a third world country...

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