Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My attempt at this blogging stuff

Ok, so here we go...

I'm totally not a writer. I mean, sure, I have a lot to say, just ask my husband, but putting it down on paper (or typing it on a keyboard) has never really happened before. Still, with the big adventure our family is about to go through, I feel I have to share, if not for anyone's benefit then at least for mine down the road as I look back at the journey!

Where do I begin? I guess I begin with an introduction to those that don't know me. Let's see. This is my family:

Stephen's my husband. He's pretty great. That's why I married him. He is currently a JAG officer in the US Army, and he just came home from a deployment. His legal background is a bit of the reason we are moving far, far, far away in coming months. The major part of that reason is God. See, we read this book a while back called Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson. Great book if you haven't read it. We read it as part of a small group Bible study that meets in our home. Well the book was just the spark that ignited a huge fire for following God and His will for us. Stephen had been trying to figure out God's will for our family and was contemplating the future in the Army... to stay or get out. He came across an example story in that book that described an organization called the International Justice Mission. He couldn't wait to read more about that. So the next morning he did, and in what seemed like a whirlwind, our whole lives changed.

IJM is an organization that fights crimes against humanity in developing countries. They do great work, and their attorneys are valuable to furthering God's kingdom. I know all that. Of course I do. But when I realized that meant ME moving to one of those "developing countries" I tried desparately to fight it. It took some big struggles for me - some real "wrestling" with God. And, admittedly, I wrestled with some friends and family over the matter, too. But ultimately God completely changed me. He will have to change those friends and family members in His time, but I know this is His call for me. Yes, for ME. Not just my husband. He has a plan for me in this, too. With total faith in His will and faith that this IS His will, I'm ready to go! My family is ready to follow Him.

So, where are we going? Well, we think we know, but that news is going to wait until it's "official." For now, I'm just gearing up for a great adventure... and trying out this blog stuff in the meantime!

Oh, and if you want, you can learn more about the International Justice Mission at


  1. You are TOTALLY a writer! This is awesome. I love it. The best part about blogs is that they read just like you talk.

    You're right, the background is super cute :)

  2. Kim! I'm so excited for y'all! We have a student here who's apply to law schools and hoping to work with IJM when he's finished.
    I'm excited I found your blog so I can keep up with y'all on your adventures with God! :)