Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have a lot to say but not really a coherent thought so here’s one of those totally realistic stream of consciousness posts for you, which is much more like me than anything I’ve ever written that has a point.  This is how I actually think on the spot.  Who knows where this will lead...

I just rode the elevator in my building up to the roof and back down to the ground before going to my apartment.  I did this because if you stand just right against the back wall, there’s a really nice breeze that hits you as it moves.  Feels great after being out in the hot Cambodia sun.  In fact, I am considering doing it again before I continue typing.

But then my kids would want to push every button.  Did I mention that my five year old has been counting lately?  All the time?  Like, to a hundred, or 300, or I’m not sure how high because I tune it out.  I think he switches to doing it in Khmer sometimes to get my attention but it’s just not that cute sometimes!

And, oh, speaking of Khmer, I am getting better, even though I haven’t been officially learning any more lately.  Like, today, this guy told me I couldn’t go in one entrance of a supermarket where I see people go in all the time.  I wanted to say “but I see Cambodians go in there all the time!” I couldn’t say that exactly, but I was able to say “I know Cambodia boys do that many days.” I think that’s what I said.  He still said no.

The postal service here is terrible.

I saw a great film last night that was about orphans in Nepal.  These terrible people go and tell the village parents that they are going to educate their children and send them back to support their families and have the parents sign all these papers they don’t understand which are really papers that give up their rights to the kids and then the orphanages charge foreigners outrageous prices to adopt the children and the real parents never see them again!  Terrible.  I’m sure I will have more... much more... to say on that later.  Called Paper Orphans by Marie Ange Sylvain  if you want to look it up. 

Have you ever noticed that grammar kind of goes out the window on blogs?  I was always a good English student and really good with grammar but notice that on my blog I put the commas and periods and little ...’s where I’d put them if I were speaking and most of the time it’s completely incorrect grammatically.  I’m sorry about that.

Oh my gosh, I just looked over at my cute little boy and realized I haven’t shared something I’ve been wanting to for quite some time.  So, you know how in some countries, picking your nose is like an almost criminal offense?  Well it is NOT HERE!  My gosh, they do it all the time.  And looking at my boy reminded me of it because he’s doing it right now!  How do you ever get kids to stop that?  Especially when the people around them just look right at you and do it?  At least in America if you are reaching up there and catch someone’s eye, you get embarrassed and stop!  Not here, nope, they just keep on going!  Eeeew!  I’m making a generalization here, because I’m sure there are Cambodians who don’t act like that but there are just so many who do!!!

Speaking of Cambodians, I missed the little boy’s club this week because my little boy was sick.  I hated missing that day!  I love those kids.  I wonder if they missed my boys?  I hear they look forward to playing with my kids.  My son is better, though, thanks for those who are wondering.  

I did take the boys out for a short walk though, in the stroller, since we didn’t want to be touching others with the germs but wanted to get out of the house.  I’m on this mission to enter this photography contest and am looking for the perfect shot.  Actually 5 absolutely perfect shots.  I’m thinking it may not happen in time for the deadline that is quickly approaching.  In fact, everyone around me is sick of hearing about that stupid contest.  In fact, I’m going to quit typing nonsense and go take some more photos.  I do hope I have some to show you soon.  If I get what I’m looking for, it is going to be great.

But first I think I’ll have a snack. Some fresh mangoes and sticky rice.   Yum.  The fruit here is so good.

Now, go do something more useful than reading my gibberish!

Oh, but do come back...  I will be doing an awesome Cambodian giveaway very soon!


  1. Nepal -- Paper Orphans documentary posted on the web:

    Terrific documentary on the Bal Mandir kidnappings.

    By the Swiss INGO -- Terre des Hommes.

  2. Hey Kim, can you please tell me about this photography contest? Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Henry! I have been to the site and yes, it's complete there and I've watched parts of it again that I wanted to view a little more of. Thank you. And Marie Ange Sylvain that I named was the director that introduced the film at the viewing I attended and I hope to meet with her soon and post a little more on the topic. Thank you so much for the info! Blessings, Kim