Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've been shot!

That's right... shot... with 5 vaccines!

What a day! I got 5 vaccines, and each of the kids got 2 in their leg. And we get more next week! All this has to be done before we can go overseas.

There is SO MUCH to do before we go overseas! I'm totally overwhelmed right now! How in the world do we decide what to pack and what to put in storage? How do we decide if we should sell the cars and pieces of furniture? How do we finalize all the paperwork for health insurance, bank accounts, travel arrangements, etc...? Goodness, it's easy to get discouraged right now.

And one by one, God keeps showing me that even though things aren't going the way I planned for them to go, He knows the plan, and He's in control.

But I'll take any prayers you send my way. One of my good friends passed on our info to a relative who contacted us and reminded us that how the boys adjust to this transition will depend on how we handle it. Their emotions will feed off of mine. Eek! I hope they aren't looking right now! I'll work on that... at least when they're looking, haha! Really, pray for me to be the example they need to see.

And I see lots of international flags on my feed roll over there on the right! Introduce yourselves! I can always use a new friend! And if you want to read more about our story, you can find information at

Thanks for reading, and thanks even more for praying! We leave the USA in less than 5 weeks now!

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  1. Psalm 140:12 I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy.