Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Nature Hike

What better way to enjoy nature than to go for a little walk in it? We decided to take one Saturday morning and go to a park. Our little Hulk calls it "the park with all the animals." It has a nature center. That's fun for the kids, but I don't really like it. Snakes are weird. They're gross. They crawl on their bellies and swallow food whole. Their bites can be poisonous and it's always freaked me out the way they move. But whatever, I'll be the "cool" mom and pretend like snakes are awesome. I'll do that for my boys because I love 'em! So, we went to the "park with all the animals" and I even took a picture of a snake for the little boogers! It turned out pretty neat - well, for a picture of a snake behind a piece of glass.

I don't really care for it, but I can appreciate the art, since I have a love for photography and all. Anyway, we went outside after that and had a little fun. Little Hulk chased some poor, helpless geese, looked for fish in an empty river, and got a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

While our Iron Man traipsed through the forest hunting and gathering. He found all sorts of "swords" and weapons. And he thought the fuzzy little pinecone/pineball thing (what do you call those anyway?) was pretty cool! He carried that stick until we got to the car, where we insisted it ride in the backseat so "it," (see how we were careful not to accuse him of such a thing) wouldn't poke his brother while on the way home.

Goodness, how I love these boys! This is what it's all about, huh?
Stephen on the other hand....
He knows me. He knew that after seeing all those snakes in the nature center I'd be watching my step and cautiously looking for snakes, all the while trying to act brave for the kids. He couldn't resist a joke, though. He never can, especially at my expense. But it's ok. I can take it. This is him laughing after he fell down pretending a snake bit him on the ground. Not all that funny to me, but boy, he looks like he thought it was funny. Haha, honey. You're hilarious!

It was a fun day. Here's me with my little superheroes and their treasures.

And if you're expecting me to wrap up here with something inspirational and meaningful, well, I can't. Not when a picture of a snake was in the post! I just can't do it! I came home and googled "snakes in Cambodia." WHAT WAS I THINKING? Ha! Oh well, I'm from Texas! I bet googling "snakes in Texas" isn't much better!
But Stephen if you are reading this, remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? Next time you think its funny to fall down and pretend like a snake got you, I'll show you that google search I found about Cambodia!
Have a fun week, all! Enjoy yourselves, and get out and enjoy God's creation, too!

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