Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just Chatting

Just feel like chatting today with my keyboard and you, if you are interested. Grab a cup of coffee and let's chat.

A couple weeks ago I was walking to a Bible study group and as I was going down the street a guy drove past me on a moto dressed in full camo head to toe. This would not really be that strange because you see all sorts of strange fashion statements in Cambodia, but he was also wearing a gas mask. Yes, a gas mask. Wearing it. This too would be only mildly concerning, but about 10 seconds later I saw another guy that looked exactly the same, also wearing a gas mask. At that point I froze, wondering if I should return home or continue on about my day. Upon seeing no more gas masks, I continued my little walk. Since it was a couple weeks ago, and I have yet to suffer from any symptoms related to some sort of gas being released in Phnom Penh, I’m going to guess that everything turned out ok. Wondering what in the world that was about, but okay.

Speaking of Bible study, one of my friends went home to the US and brought back Beth Moore’s new Bible study called James Mercy Triumphs. I’m doing it with a random group of ladies from all over the world and loving every single word of truth in that study. I love it. And oh, the joy of seeing a group of women from Europe and Australia and Asia experience Beth Moore for the first time! So fun. They talk about her outfits, her hair, and her accent of course, but mostly we all agree that she is wise, and we love this fresh insight to a book of the Bible we all feel like we can relate to so deeply living in a place where we see poverty first hand.

Today we went to the boy’s center to play with the sweet kids. We visit with 2 groups while we are there. One is made up of younger kids, under 8 or so, and one is the older kids. Today the older group only had 2 kids. That means the bulk of them were at school during playtime. Praise God for that! But it also meant my kids got to play with all sorts of things in the playroom.

Here’s my boys, with my little one in a dress. Why a playroom for boys even has dresses baffles me, but it’s cute. He said he was Jessie from Toy Story. Anyone notice the ears, too? I love these kids – my two and all the others not pictures at that place!

A friend of mine here mentioned a prayer request yesterday that I’ve been burdened to pray for because I can’t stop thinking about it. Get ready for this. She has snakes in her house. Yes, you read that right. She said it so casually, too, even pointing out that it’s not that different than ants or roaches (and my goodness, we all have gigantic roaches and oodles of ants). Oh my goodness, though, snakes? She’s a superhero to me now. A real life super mom. She says the ones in the house aren’t dangerous but she did find a 4ft long cobra in her yard last week. Seriously. She has 3 little girls and a baby and I can’t stop praying for her house to be snake free. She’s my hero now just for battling that and doing it so strongly. She doesn’t even know how many notches she just went up in my book. Or how much I'm praying for her family and her house. And, I love you, God, and I trust you, but please, please, please, don’t test my faith with snakes in my house. Pleeeease.

On the little critter note, it’s funny how I can walk down the street and a rat can run across my path just inches away from me and I don’t even jump anymore. Did I say funny? Or is that disturbing? Gross? Weird? I don’t know. Different than life in the US, that’s for sure. There’s a construction zone next to our apartment and the workers just throw out trash so it brings rats who occasionally scurry across my path.

So much to be thankful for, right?

I mean, I can get 2 kilos – 4.5lbs for my non metric friends – of mangoes for $2 and 2 pineapples for $1 in the middle of February, or now March. That’s pretty cool.

Yes, I’m thankful.

It’s an adventure. Such a joy sharing it with you.  Thanks for the chat!

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