Friday, February 17, 2012

Traffick Jam

I have to tell you about some incredible people. I wish I could devote more to them. More of everything. More money, more time, more things, more love.


But first let me tell you why.

Because they are so incredibly beautiful. I’m talking about little boys who Jesus gave his life for. Little boys who might not have known what love was for so long and now have a place to go day after day and get loads of love. And I’m also talking about the staff who pours that love on them.

Gosh, I wish I could give them more.

If you missed my first post about these children, and the conversation I had with God about it, you can check it out. Or, see this one I wrote a few months into volunteering there weekly. I love these little boys.

But I far from alone in this. It seems everyone who meets them is changed and touched and moved to action. If you are tired of my words, check out blog posts from two ladies and their families who gave up Christmas vacation to visit these boys. Here’s what Keri in Singapore and Marla in the USA have to say.

We all want to do more.

So how can we?

By spreading the word. To you. Right here. Right now.

Here’s a video on how you can help. It’s just a few minutes of your life. Please watch it.

How can you help?
More at their website

Traffick Jam is a 10 mile walk that the Hard Places community uses to raise support for their organization.  They'd like to be represented in the whole USA this year.  All 50 states and beyond if possible.

Walking 10 miles seems like a small thing to do for these little boys doesn’t it?

Signing up to coordinate a walk in your area if it isn’t listed is a little more of a committment but come on, isn’t it worth it?

I wish I could show you their faces. I can’t. Marla’s blog explains why. But if you want to see the face of a child you could be walking/running for, email me. I’ll show you.

I “talk” all the time on this blog. I hardly ever ask you to talk back. This time I want to hear from you. Comment. Commit.  Pray, walk, give, love, pray some more.  Tell me what you committed to.
I just might send a prize to someone randomly for giving MORE to the kids than I can give.

And thank you.  Thank you so much.  Thank you so so so so much.

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