Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beautiful People

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and support I received after my last post.  

I decided there was nothing that would get my heart back in the right place faster than a few special moments with God's people of Cambodia.  I went on another of the journeys I like to call a photo walk.  This time I chose the market near my apartment for the walk.

Though I had set aside 3 hours of my afternoon to do this, God decided I only needed 30 minutes.  It's dry season and it hasn't rained in weeks, but He sent a storm today and as the first sprinkles began to fall I decided I better get myself (and my non-waterproof camera) back home.

But in that half hour, I met some beautiful people. 

I had to speak in Khmer because none of them spoke English and that, too, was the reminder I needed that I have to continue my language study so that I can hear their stories. I want to learn about their families, their struggles, their loves, their lives.

As I type this the rain has stopped and the photos are nicely edited and ready to be printed here locally.  Tomorrow I'll try to go back out, with my boys this time, and hand out prints to these beautiful people.  I know they will be excited to have them.  

They'll be getting a gift worth about $0.06 but they will never know they gave me a priceless gift today.

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