Friday, December 2, 2011

I didn't know

A year and a half ago there was so much I didn’t know.

I didn’t know there were real slaves left in the world.

I had no clue that there are more people, many of them children, held in slavery now than over the entire course of the of trans-Atlantic slave trade.

I didn’t realize millions of women and children were being forced to work in brothels against their will and raped over and over again every night by men of foreign cultures and their own cultures.

I had no clue that whole families with children - just like my family - were being forced to work in factories as slaves and not allowed to leave, living in terrible conditions, often dying of hunger or sickness that could have been prevented.

No one had ever told me how many women and children in Africa were left homeless after the man of the house died and perpetrators came in and raped them and took their land.

I honestly didn’t know.

I hadn’t heard of IJM.

I didn’t know what International Justice Mission was or anything about the lives that were being saved day by day because of those who worked for them.  

I definitely didn’t know my husband and my family would be next to join the fight.

Check out this IJM article  (No, not later, right now!)
It's about what Stephen is doing here in Cambodia.  It's definitely worth a read. 

I didn't know then. 
I know now. 

Cambodia is real to me now.  Real to me and oh, so dear to my heart. These statistics I read a year and a half ago are now real faces, real names, real people, real survivors.  Praise God for that!  

I am so grateful for the people at IJM who work tirelessly to rescue girls like these. Please pray with me for more stories like that above in the coming year.  

Here’s a link to how you can join the fight
by giving the gift of freedom this Christmas.

Did you know? How much do you know about injustice today? Comment below... I don't want anyone else to say "I didn't know" like I had to say. I want the world to know so we can make a difference together.

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