Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IJM Cambodia Update!

When I signed on to facebook today, I saw this post from IJM's page... "Breaking news in CAMBODIA: Foreign pedophile sentenced to 8 yrs in jail. IJM's 5-yr-old client is safe at home w/ her family + continues to heal w/ IJM support."

Praise God. I knew about this case because my husband was there, but I can't write about things like this until they are over and "officially" released. We wouldn't want that little child in danger, right?

But I can mention it now. And here's my thoughts...

FIVE years old. FIVE. 5. So young. So small. So unfair.

This one got to me. I have a five year old. And the whole day Stephen was in court I was praying. When it was over, he told me that he didn't think he'd hear a guilty verdict. But alas, GUILTY and sentenced to 8 years in jail. God is just. Some say that punishment is too much or too little, but I know God is the Judge over all.

Here are some more press releases approved for me to show you from right here in Cambodia. Take a moment to read them and pray for the victims. Even after rescue, they have years to go before they will heal.

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  1. hi kim! i pray for all of you and the people you are reaching everyday. i see your sunshiney smile on that postcard in my kitchen every day. <3

  2. oh! its me, erin bruner! josie is my email thing... long story :)

  3. This was such great news. I am passing it along to an FAC student of mine who has a HUGE heart for Cambodia and for girls in danger. So proud of Stephen. May God give you guys huge hearts and the ability to bear all the horror stories you have to face. Read the Beattitudes - it helps me remember how much God loves those victims. Love you. Kristy